Customised Violin Classes

His technique has been honed with finesseover the years, which makes him one of the finest violin teachers in Singapore. Regardless of whether you’re a beginner or come with prior learning experience, this is the place where you can upgrade your skills and master the essential techniques. You get personalised attention at every class, which ensures that you learn in the correct as well as best possible manner for your unique physiological structure, and are able to use your hands efficiently. In order for a student to learn to play effectively and correctly, it is important to establish a natural rapport between him/her and the teacher. At Efficient Violinist, an effort is made to harbour an atmosphere of amicability for the benefit of all students – and the result is there for all to see! It is also important to note that a child needs to be matched with challenges of his/her capacity, failing which will lead to discouragement and loss of interest. Begin your musical education and build a solid foundation with our violin lessons today.

Violin lessons in Singapore

Have a fascination for violins and are eager to learn how to play the instrument? At Efficient Violinistyou can look forward to learning the violin in the most natural way and also achieving a Grade 8 ABRSM in 5 years or less. All levels up to Diploma are taught here and the methods of teaching make it stand out from the rest in a number of ways. Yeo is predisposed to detect the differences between children and can thus help them learn to play in the most efficient and natural way. If you would like you or your child to embark upon a musical journey with violin classes but aren’t sure where to begin, look no further. A passion for music as well as the art of teaching makes Yeo the undisputed choice for adults and youth alike.

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