My Methods

No two children are the same. If you give them a stimulation their reaction will also be quite different. Although there are some rules to showing students the ropes in playing of the violin, different people use their muscles differently.

Below are some methods which I use to guide students:

  • * I have a gift in spotting the differences in children’s playing methods and would lead them back to the most effective way of playing
  • * I find that the violin playing movements of any person is like moving the car gears. If the right car gears are utilized, beautiful music will emerge but if the wrong gears are used, terrible sounds will come about.
  • * Hence a student must be trained to use the right gears, akin to driving a car using an automatic gear, to learn musical skills such as the rigours of a piece that is hard.
  • * I have learnt the inefficiency of letting children play pieces beyond their abilities, similarly if they play pieces that are too simple for them they will become arrogant.
  • * A natural rapport must be established between student and teacher as the student will more likely cooperate and learn better if the relationship is good.
  • * If the above methods are adhered to, the student will likely achieve a grade 8 certificate within at most 5 years time.


My Philosophy

Always master specific techniques early when the music is easy and assimilate those technique into a wholesome,natural way of playing. If you make good playing a habit,you can only play well.

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