"I start learning Violin from Yeo since 25. It seems to be a common sense that violin can only be learned from childhood. When comes to my age, it should be very, very difficult.

I've even thought that I could only be able to play open string for the first 2 years.

But it's very lucky that my first teacher is Yeo.

Yeo has a very special technique as he described on his website --- turn every movement, every muscle correct "only from careful words". Yeo's lesson is different, but efficient.

From the first lesson, I could play without much noise. I can't imagine that I could play twinkle star just from the first lesson.

Many people, including me, thinks that one could play violin well 'if they practice more and more(by time)'. It's half correct. If you practice on the correct status, practicing more is good. But if you practice on a wrong status, it'll only harm you and you must spend twice or triple time to make it correct. Some bad habits, once got into, you'll never have a chance to correct. It's more important to NOT getting into bad habits.

On Yeo's lesson, I'll only play for about 15 minutes, and talk for the reset 40 minutes. By talking, Yeo could see the root reason why I didn't play well, physically, and mentally. Yeo will use careful words to guide you to catch the correct felling while playing violin. Then I go back and practice according to the instructions he gave me.

Yeo is more than a MUSIC teacher, not only VIOLIN teacher. He is, in fact, a musical GENIUS.

He'll guide you how to listen to music, what affection does the music express, what's the emotion does the player while playing. You can't imagine the rhythm of breathing will affect the sound greately.

MUSIC comes from heart, then comes from hand. Yeo is the one who can teach you from your heart."

Feng ZH

"I was told my despraxic daughter could never learn the violin but Mr Yeo got her to pass grade 5 within a year"

Mdm Neo

"my son passed grade 8 in 4 years!"

Mdm koh

"I improved so much during the first lesson I thought never would be possible"


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